Certification in Decentralized AI (CDAi)

Certification in Decentralized AI (CDAi)

Instructor:Nasser Rahal
Latest update:2018-10-15

The intersection between Blockchain and AI


  • basic programming knowledge
  • CBPro Certification is desirable but not required
  • Previous course (data science) or equivalent working experience, needed for building the next -generation decentralized applications addressing: consensus, decentralization, economic incentives

Some of the application of this topic:

  • Financial inclusion,
  • Big health data,
  • Global energy markets, and space
  • Smart networks: Automated global infrastructure Identify (deep learning)
  • Validate, confirm, and route transactions (blockchain) Future of AI is smart networks.
  • Running value
  • Running intelligence
  • Possible answer to AI worries
  • DL + Smart Contracts = The Future of AI


Course Outline:

Day - 1: AI Meets Blockchain

During day -1, Participants will spend the first day learning about the Business opportunity of delivering Decentralized AI Solutions, we will deep dive into AI and Blockchain Technologies and explore the synergies.

  • Why the world needs Decentralized_AI
    • The world’s data is growing exponentially yet is massively under-utilized
    • Challenges of Data Sharing
    • A market failure to properly value data and make it available
  • The AI Business Model
    • Ecosystem
    • Data Providers
    • Data Consumers
    • Community
    • Marketplaces
    • Developers
  • The Blockchain Business Model
    • Network
    • Mechanisms
    • Incentive Models
    • Value Network
    • Developers
  • Powering a Two-Sided Market for Data
  • Token Economics
  • Hands on Demos and Workshop

Day - 2: AI Meets Blockchain and Deep Dive

During day -2, Participants will spend the second day learning about AI and Blockchain Capabilities, Architectures, and Solutions. We explore in details the various business models and technology intersection of AI and Smart Contracts Supported by Autonomous Token Economy driven by AI.

Focus on AI

  • What is AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Federated Learning
  • Demos + Workshop

Focus on Blockchain

  • Blockchain Tech
  • Permission-less Blockchains
  • Permission/Consortium Blockchains
  • Smart Contracts

    Hands on Demos


Day -3: Designing + Architecting + Operating AI Solution on the Blockchain

During day -3, Participants will spend the third day learning about Designing, Architecting, and Operating AI Solution on the Blockchain. They will learn how to identify the opportunities and build business models around.

Models, Networks and Applications

Future of AI

  • Smart Networks
  • DL + Smart Contracts

    Trust-less and Distributes Deep learning:

  • Next-Generation Opportunities
  • System Architectures
  • Operating Models
  • Revenue Models
  • Key Success Factors
  • Challenges

    Applications Deep Dive

  • Data Exchange
  • Distributed Finance
  • Social Robotics
  • Autonomous Driving & Drone Delivery
  • Big Health Data
  • AI for Good
  • Digital intelligences running on consensus-managed smart network
  • Deep-thinkers Registry

    Next Steps

    Capstone Project


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